Christina’s ‘time-out’

at1Can you tell I’m still having sport withdrawal symptoms after the Olympics? Even the various terms used seem to have seeped into my brain! I guess it didn’t help that I had a houseguest who loves basketball in particular, so I saw quite a few games of that which is probably why this word (or should that be words? Dictionary claims it has a hyphen) stuck with me especially. But what really struck me was the whole ‘time-out’ concept. I want to apply it to real life sometimes!

It seems to me that writers don’t often have proper time off because even when we’re away on holiday we usually take our laptop/netbook/iPhone or whatever with us. It’s hard to resist the lure of “just checking” FB, Twitter or e-mails and although I always intend it to be a quick look, often it turns into a lengthy session. We’re also always thinking about our writing even when we’re not actually sitting at the keyboard, and disengaging the brain from our stories can be almost impossible!

It’s been a very busy summer for me with no real holiday time anyway so there have been momentss when I’ve felt like shouting ‘stop, time-out’, like the basketball coach did. To just have a day off without thinking about anything other than relaxing and doing whatever I wish without any pressure – perfect! Today I’ve decided to do just that because I finally have a really good excuse – it’s my birthday.

I’m old enough not to need a fuss on my special day any more and although I love receiving presents (who doesn’t?), that’s not the point for me. The main thing is that I get to spend the day exactly how I want to. I can sit and read, ignore the chores, eat nothing but cake, apple pie and chocolate, and not feel guilty. Absolute bliss! I think we all deserve one day a year like that, don’t you? One day when we get to decide everything and the rest of the family have to fall in with our plans and fancies, whatever they may be.

I hope you’ve all had or will have at least one day like that this year – I’m enjoying mine 🙂