Christina has a New Cover!

Layout 1Apart from having a book published in the first place, I think my favourite part of the process is watching the cover design take shape and then seeing the final result.  And here it is, the cover for my next book The Silent Touch of Shadows!  I’m really thrilled at how it turned out and absolutely love it!

The Silent Touch of Shadows will be a slight departure from my previous novels, as it’s a time slip story with some paranormal elements.  It’s set partly in the present and partly in 15th century Kent.  The heroine in the present is harassed by a ghostly presence when she moves into an old Kentish manor house.  Being a genealogist, she decides to do some research to solve the mystery and slowly unravels the story of the house’s previous owners and a six hundred year old love story.

It will be published in July and I can’t wait to hold a copy!