6 thoughts on “Christina Courtenay likes Old Traditions

  1. Ooh Christina, do you make pepperkakor (I totally know I’ve spelled that wrong)? Every Christmas I try to replicate the ones I brought back from Sweden and I’ve never got it right yet!

    I think Christmases in the past seem more rose-tinted because you’re often thinking about childhood memories. And I don’t know about you, but when I was a child I never appreciated all the hard work that goes into Christmas! I think the extent of my hard work was making the occasional mince pie and festooning a tree with paper chains. No shopping or wrapping of presents: Father Christmas did all that!

  2. I second Kate’s opinion, Christmasses past were always easy; presents to open, food to eat, all excitement and none of the hard work! Practicalities leach a lot of the joy out of the occasion. Which is why I love Boxing Day almost more than the day itself – all the hard work is over and I can lie back and enjoy the fruits of my labours because we eat cold all the leftovers from Christmas dinner.

  3. Thanks Margaret 🙂

    Kate – yes, I make pepparkakor. I’ll send you the recipe, they’re delicious aren’t they. And you and Jane are both right – the nostalgia must be because we didn’t have to do any of the preparations. Roll on Boxing Day!

  4. We’re having a most untraditional Christmas at the moment, visiting my mother in hospital so it’s lovely to read about some Christmas magic and to see that wonderful photo of you, Christina!

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