Sue Moorcroft has a good week

WantToKnowASecret_Visuals4:Layout 1This week saw the publication of my latest Choc Lit title, Want to Know a Secret?

Hooray! Hurrah!

Want to Know a Secret? is about family and money and who thinks which is most important. A helicopter accident spills one secret after another when Diane Jenner’s husband, Gareth, turns out to have been aboard. And Diane discovers, at the hospital, a family of strangers – all of whom seem to know exactly who she is.

Just about everyone loves the cover and, I believe, it has gone straight into the W H Smith Travel charts. I’ve done some radio interviews and received good reviews, so you’d think that I’d be satisfied with that.

But, on the same day – Starting Over, my first Choc Lit book, came out as a large print hard back.startingover-cover-4-v-small

AND a story that was formerly a magazine serial for The People’s Friend, One Summer in Malta, came out in large print soft back!9781842627969

I don’t suppose I’ll ever have another hat-trick and it prompted me to blog about subsidiary rights and what they mean to the writer at the RNA Blog.

Publication day brought a lovely box of chocolates and bottle of champagne from the wonderful Choc Lit team. The chocolates, I’m afraid, are no more, but the champagne is chilling for the weekend, when Formula 1’s Brazilian Grand Prix will be live in my sitting room …

So, that’s my weekend planned out. What have you got lined up for yours?

8 thoughts on “Sue Moorcroft has a good week

  1. Congratulations on your hat-trick, Sue, very impressive! I absolutely loved “Want to Know a Secret” and I’m sure it will do really well. As for the weekend, yep, Brazilian Grand Prix here too 🙂 (And Jenson had better do something spectacular or I’m going to sulk big time …) Then there’s Time Team of course (Jane, you won’t miss that, right?) and Downton Abbey. Bliss.

  2. Congratulations Sue, I’m deeply into “Want to Know a Secret” – loving it, but pacing myself otherwise I’d gobble it all down in one and have nothing to look forward to. So my weekend will be spent trying not to glom it down.

    And Christina – of course I shall be watching Time Team! Dribbling gently as Our Tone’s mellifluous…err…tones drone on.

  3. Congratulations Sue, and it’s no secret that I’ve just read (or raced through, eagerly turning pages) ‘Want to Know a Secret’ and can confirm that those are good reviews are well-deserved.

  4. Mark,

    Signing at Waterstone’s Kettering on 4 December 11am-2pm and Waterstone’s Northampton 18th December 11am-2pm. Any good?

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