Mother’s Little Helper: Part Three by Annemarie Brear

MD RR Part 3

Sarah Waights left off with a slightly grumpy (but intriguingly tall and handsome) vet delivering kittens yesterday. What does Annemarie Brear have in store for us today? Make sure you read right until the end to find out and to see the next question for our competition!

To make sense of the story, you will need to read Part One by Berni Stevens HERE and Part Two by Sarah Waights HERE

He ran a hand through his hair and sighed. ‘A coffee, would be great, thanks. White with no sugar.’

‘Right, got it. Won’t be long.’ Lily joined Jo in the kitchen and they both looked at each other with wide disbelieving eyes.

‘How gorgeous is he?’ Jo whispered, a tea towel in her hand but no intention of drying the plates on the draining board as she watched Mr Sexy Vet hunker down beside the cat’s box.

‘I’m assuming that’s a rhetorical question?’ Switching the kettle on, Lily took out cups and then opened the cupboard that housed all the ‘naughty’ food. She scanned the shelf, cursing her decision last week to go on one of those five day wonder diets. The result meant Jo and herself had a junk food binge eating movie night last Friday to get rid of all temptation before she started the detox and new diet. All that was left in the cupboard were half a bag of Haribo Starmix, the remnants of a packet of chocolate digestives and a solitary penguin bar.

‘Mr Sexy Vet doesn’t have a ring on his finger,’ Jo acknowledged with raised eyebrows, her expression like one of those detectives on TV who has just solved a mystery.

‘Aren’t you clever, Inspector Morse? It means nothing. Loads of men don’t wear rings even when they are married.’

‘He’s not married.’ Jo gave her a superior look. ‘I know these things.’ She rubbed her chin thoughtfully. ‘I don’t think he’s gay either.’

‘Jo! Will you shut up?’ Lily laughed.

‘What?’ Jo failed to appear innocent. ‘In the past you’ve done worse than Mr Sexy Vet out there, I can tell you.’ She paused. ‘Is a Mister or a Doctor? I think they are doctors, aren’t they? Dr Sexy Vet.’

‘Be quiet. You’re impossible!’ Placing the digestives, the ones not badly broken, onto a plate and quickly making the coffee, Lily took them back into the living room with a large smile to cover the embarrassment of her simple offerings. ‘How’s she doing?’

A frown creased his handsome features. ‘Actually, she’s struggling at the minute. Her breathing seems a bit laboured.’ He took the coffee from her. ‘Thanks.’

‘Is there anything we can do?’ Lily winced as the cat meowed, inadequately finding a comfortable spot in the box.

Before he could answer, Rob’s phone rang in his pocket. ‘Sorry,’ he said to Lily, and turned away to answer it. ‘Hello? Yes, I’m still here. I’ve only just arrived … I don’t know how long I’ll be … Okay, I’m sorry about that … Right okay, bye.’

Rob replaced his phone back in his pocket and turned back to Lily. ‘It might be safer to take her back to my surgery. I can keep an eye on her there. Is that alright with you?’ Taking another sip of his coffee, Rob gazed at her over the rim of his cup.

‘Right. Yes, of course.’ Lily nodded, unable to take her eyes off him. ‘She doesn’t even belong to me.’

‘I’ll can check to see if she’s been microchipped. If she doesn’t have a home to go to, do you want her?’

‘Oh, um … I don’t know.’ She thought of her limited finances.

Jo came to stand behind her. ‘Lily will take her. She’s kind like that.’

His phone rang again, but this time he ignored it. ‘There’s no pressure if you don’t want her, and her kittens. They are a huge responsibility.’ He gave her his card from the bag he had brought in with him.

Lily slipped his card into her jeans pocket. ‘Shall I come with you now?’

At that moment, the cat meowed loudly and to everyone’s surprise they watched a tiny black kitten emerge.

Rob bent down. ‘We can’t move her now.’ He glanced up at Lily with a cheeky grin. ‘I hope you’ve got plenty of coffee in the house.’

Oh dear, it sounds like the poor little cat might be struggling. But we hope she’s in good hands with Rob. Come back tomorrow to read Part Four by Clare Chase and find out whether the kittens are delivered safely – as well as whether Lily and ‘Mr Sexy Vet’ have a chance 😉 


If you’d like the chance to win a mystery prize in celebration of Mother’s Day, make sure you come back every day until Sunday so you can answer all five questions. You will need to read right until the end of each part to answer. We will give contact details of where to send your answers to on the final day of the Round Robin. Please wait until the end of the story to send in your answers. 

The third question is: Why is there so little food in the cupboards in Jo and Lily’s flat?

If you enjoyed Annemarie’s writing, make sure you keep a look out for her debut Choc Lit novel, coming soon!

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