What is Christina up to at the moment?

tgf_packshot-copy2When you’ve had a book published, done all the PR/blogging/tweeting etc to launch it into the world and things start to calm down again, the question you are asked most frequently is “what are you working on now?” (That is, if you are talking to fellow book-lovers/writers, not family members who still haven’t realised that writing isn’t a hobby you pursue in between cooking, cleaning or washing up for them.)

For me, that question often doesn’t have a straight-forward answer, because I’m a bit of a writing butterfly. I flit from one story to another, working on one for a while, then get bored and work on something else – I have a very low boredom threshold. Apart from new writing projects, there are also edits for forthcoming novels that have to be done of course, so sometimes that means I can be working on up to four different stories more or less at once. Here’s a little summary of what I’m doing right now:-

Edits for New England Rocks – I’ve just finished the second round of edits for my YA novel due to be published in August (yeah, very excited about that!). There was a small snag, shall we say, which eagle-eyed editor Rachel discovered in between Edit no1 and Edit no2, so that took a couple of days to fix, but I think we’re sorted now (at least I hope so!). I’ll have to wait until next week to find out and then there will be proof-reading.

Umpteenth draft of second YA novel, sequel to the above. I wrote this a while ago and when starting to revise it again I discovered I’d used the hero’s name in another book – disaster! Cue major trawl through endless name lists in order to find one that suited his personality. I can’t write unless my characters have the right names!

Second draft of Monsoon Mists (provisional title), the third in the Kinross trilogy. Those of you who read Highland Storms will know that Brice Kinross’s brother Jamie caused a lot of trouble, but things were not quite what they seemed so I thought it only fair that he should get to tell his side of the story. For the last few months or so, I’ve been working on this and at the moment I’m chewing my nails waiting to receive my beta readers’ verdicts. I know it will need more work, but at least I’ve got to the stage where I dared to send it to them (progress indeed)!

Revision of the third book in my Japanese trilogy so that I might dare to send it to the Choc Lit tasting panel. That’s going to take some time …

In between these bursts of writing, I’m also trying to prepare myself for the RT Booklovers’ Convention in Kansas City which I’ll be attending at the beginning of May with some of the other ChocLiteers. In case you think we’re just going there to have fun (you may have heard that there are parties just about every night and even a ball, not to mention male cover models on the premises 24/7?) – fear not, I promise we will be working hard. Workshops, talks, networking, you name it – we’ll be attending everything. And we’ll report back afterwards with, hopefully, plenty of inspiring photos. With all this socialising, er, I mean working, I have a feeling my wardrobe and suitcase are both going to prove woefully inadequate, but as the convention hotel is apparently situated right next to a shopping mall, I’m not too worried. I may even forget a few things on purpose 🙂

So what are you up to?

20 thoughts on “What is Christina up to at the moment?

  1. I admire your ability to focus on more than one novel at a time, Christina – I find it difficult to come out of one fictional world and move into another. I also hate leaving my characters for any length of time at all, even temporarily.

    I’m glad that you’re able to do so and look forward to reading the fruits of your labour that are now in the pipeline.

    Liz X

  2. I find it difficult to leave a fictional world I’m creating once I’m fully immersed, but I have taken a leaf out of your book when I read about your working method elsewhere and have opened files for my next two projects. And you haven’t even mentioned that you’re now an adept bricklayer!!

  3. Thanks, Liz, I wish I could be more like you and concentrate on one thing at a time!

    Chris – LOL,yes, my new career (not!) – great fun and you get lots of time for thinking up plots 😀

  4. Wow, you seem to be powering through things, Christina. Most exciting. And what’s this I hear about you being a bricklayer? I’ve always thought it sounded rather cool after reading many years ago that Churchill did it in between writing books, painting and, oh yes, running the country!

  5. Wow, talk about keeping busy! If you want to pop round, I could do with a patio laying… Looking forward to reading the fruits of all those labours. x

  6. Thanks everyone! No patio laying, sorry – my new skills don’t quite stretch that far 🙂

  7. Gosh, Christina, am very impressed! Also looking forward to your first YA novel, and of course the other books, too.

  8. Well you know my feelings about the Kinross men. I can’t wait. A cliche maybe, but I really can’t. I wanted to read Jamie’s story as soon as I saw the background to it in Highland Storms. Don’t chew your nails anymore, Pia. Absolutely no need. It doesn’t seem any time at all since I was nagging you on Twitter about Brice and Jamie!

  9. Gosh Christina, I don’t know how you manage to write on so many levels at once. I hate being dragged away to do even a short story. Feel hugely impressed and full of admiration. Of course you’re young . . . sigh!

  10. Talk about juggling…. Sheesh! I honestly couldn’t do what you do, move from one book to another. Once I’m in the “zone” with one book, I tend to stay there, live and breathe the characters, until that particular story is finished. As for the Kinross men, I’m lucky enough to have had a sneak preview of Jamie, and all I can say, is that he is to die for!

  11. Thank you, Liv, I do hope Jamie isn’t a disappointment to you! 🙂

    Margaret – many thanks! Not so sure about the “young” bit … 😀

  12. Thank you, Henri, I’ll try not to chew off any more nails then 🙂

  13. Thanks Juliet – no, I leave the crime and mystery to Henri and Evonne as they do it so well 🙂

  14. I was warned about back-to-back editing and it seems it’s not a myth! All power to your twinkly fingers on the keyboard. Lovely to see you at the LBF….:0

  15. It was lovely to see you and your DH as well, Linda! Hopefully we’ll get more of a chance to chat next time 🙂

  16. Blimey I’ve no idea how you juggle all that Pia 🙂 I think it’s great to have things on the go like that – I can aspire 🙂 And the bricklaying sounds fab and incredibly satisfying.Sx

  17. Thanks, Sarah! Yes, bricklaying was great fun and very therapeutic, I love doing stuff like that 🙂

  18. I am a bit like you, Pia. I tend to have a few on the go at once. I have abandoned one as I grew a bit bored of it, but I have an idea that will bring it to life again so might return. I am currently spending most time on the sequel to A Stitch in Time and finding that sequels can be very tricky! It is finding the fine balance between not going over the same ground for the folks that have read the first one and adding enough information for new readers to be able to follow the thread of the first book without having read it. Have to put my thinking cap on more every time I open the document. Still, it is fun! xx

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