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This is Evonne, by the way. I forgot to put my name in the heading first time round and now WordPress is ignoring my attempts to add it. I could throw a sulk, but I won’t.

Anyway, to get to business. The conference season is upon us, which has turned my mind to one very important question – What’s in the goodie bag? The swag from the Romantic Novelists’ Association Conference in Penrith was excellent. I’ve heard a rumour that the goodies from the Romance Writers’  of America Convention that is currently taking place will weigh very heavy indeed. Rachel’s recent visit to RomCon produced bags and prize baskets.

And that got me thinking, and curious – what might the perfect goodie bag contain?

So today I thought I’d try a Q&A.

Question – What would you like to find in your take-home party bag from your favourite romance event?

Answers – well, that’s down to you. I’d really love to know. If you normally read the blog but don’t comment, how about coming out of lurk to give an opinion?

My thoughts on the possibilities – books, of course. Practical things, like pens and note pads, paper goods – bookmarks and cards, stuff that is cute but not useful, like those little fluffy blob things – I have a family of them.  Jewellery. Things to eat (Chocolate) and drink (may contain alcohol). A gift basket that is offered as a prize is slightly different and might be to a theme, with larger, more specialised items. Rachel’s, if you look back at her post, had a collection of items related to Scotland, which was the theme of the quiz she won. (And that’s where the alcohol comes in!)

It’s nice to get presents – but what information would you like along with the gift? Details of the authors’ books, blog, website, newest release, extracts from a book?

I think my favourite goodie bag would have a mix – possibly tending towards the practical – but I am a bit of a sucker for fridge magnets. I like brightly coloured ones, but to prove I’m not just a big kid, I also I have an (almost) X rated one of a gentleman who seems to have forgotten to zip his jeans all the way up.  Very tasteful, I hasten to add.

I’m sure there are plenty of other ideas, so it’s over to you. A small trifle from Tiffanys or dinner with Richard Armitage might be on every-one’s wish list but, were he to get that close, I’m not sure the Choc literati would be prepared to share Mr Armitage, even with each other. And he wouldn’t fit in the bag.  So, can I make a plea for some realism along with maybe one flight of fancy?

Looking forward to seeing the suggestions/opinions.

And while I’m here, a small anouncement – if you haven’t yet shared the big secret, you might like to nip over to my blog

http://evonneonwednesday.blogspot.com  After you’ve left a comment here, of course.

20 thoughts on “Evonne – going for …. goodies

  1. Am dying to see what everyone suggests. A few years ago, someone put a small sewing kit into the goody bag – travel size. I still take it with me whenever I travel.

    The seeds that Judy Astley put into the goody bags this year at the RNA conference were a brilliant idea, too.

    Liz X

  2. Hi Liz A sewing kit is a new one – I love it. I’d forgotten Judy’s Love-in-a-mist seeds – also a lovely idea. We seem to like the quirky/practical stuff.

  3. In the equivalent of a goody bag I once received an encyclopaedia. It was a very small encyclopaedia – and it was in French as this was France – smaller than a paperback, though properly and glossily bound. In it is everything that you ever wanted to know about the world. All the great writers, Nobel Laureates, longest rivers, highest mountains, winners of the Tour de France, wine vintages, French departements, kings and presidents and battles and saints’ days – a treasure trove of information. But failing another one of these (and why would I want two?) I’d like an iPad. And a sewing kit!

  4. I’m a sucker for fridge magnets too, Evonne. And mugs. Can’t have enough mugs in my opinion, preferably all completely different.

  5. I brought home lots of swag from RomCon but reality is I will probably bin most of the paper stuff. I’m not the type who likes to use a bookmark that advertises one book to mark the pages of a different book. Am I weird? (note: rhetorical)

    One of the items in our swag bags was a soft-sided lunch bag (am I being American? do you know what I mean by that?) but the company it advertised was an adult ‘toy’ shop (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). Don’t know about you but I don’t want strangers to ask me to elaborate! At the Chocolate Mangasm event, one of the items in the goodie bag was a straw that was, um, designed to look like … something. It’s pretty damn funny, so I kept it even though I’ll never use it.

    Another great bit of swag was the wall calendar that Hot Damn Designs gave out. Since they design romance book covers with hot men, you can imagine the joy that is this calendar. It’s now my editing calendar. *grin*

    My wish list would be nibbles, because who has the forethought to bring their own snacks? And do you really want to be _that_ girl that brings her own snacks? But if there’s chocolate in your bag … score! And if I’m wishing on stars, I’d say a voucher for a (fake) book cover modelling session with a hunk – complete with costumes! 😉

  6. Juliet – Kid’s party bags are exactly that. I think there is a universal thrill from rummaging in a bag of presents. Or maybe I’m not as grown up as I pretend I am?

  7. Rachel

    Well, You have certainly provided an interesting take on ‘party bags’. Not sure what sort of party though. They sound a real hoot. It also makes me wonder – someone, somewhere is designing and manufacturing these gifts. Do they admit to it at cocktail parties?

  8. You should see the prize baskets at the Passionate Ink parties at RWA. Full of stuff you, er, probably wouldn’t show your mother. At one of the PI lunches we made a waiter drop his tray. Well, it was only a reading from a romance novel. Just a rather spicy scene. From an erotic romance novel. Well, okay, a very spicy scene. The poor lad.

    I’d love to go to one of these Hollywood shindigs where the goody bags contain things like Tag Heuer watches and iPads and Tiffany bracelets. But what I usually value in goody bags is the humble ballpoint pen, because I can never find one when I need it!

  9. Not sure if I should admit to this but although I wasn’t there, my mole brought me back a goodie bag from the rNA conf – thank you, BEX. And what fun I had going through it, taking each item out one at a time the way I used to with my Christmas stocking as a child…:)
    So…what gifts?…..perfume samples, please, because a bit of pong to help us along is always nice. Travel hand cream. Small Kleenex for those sad moments in the books we read on the train going home. That’ll do for starters….:0

  10. Hi Linda – and Margaret – Thanks for the fab suggestions – glad the mole got you a bag, Linda. Turning out the contents is so much fun.

  11. Now I’m slightly distracted by the thought of parties where you’re given Tiffany jewellery! Erm *thinks* well, essential nutrients always good to keep strength up, ‘yes’ to those practical goodies like tissues and hand cream, nice shower gel, perhaps? Love getting books but they’re not always practical to lug home. On the other hand, I’m just pleased to get a pressie!

  12. Hi Chris – we need to figure out how to get invited to that kind of party! In the meantime, ‘useful stuff’ seems to get the vote.

  13. The contents of a mini bar I’m reckoning Evonne – with perhaps a pair of sunglasses and some half decent coffee for the morning after – and chocolate of course. On a day other than today I would have suggested a cheap but tasteful pair of foldable flat shoes (those that fold to virtually nothing) for the end of the night when you are hobbling, fortune cookies, a pack of cards, those VDU screen wipes, a screwdriver (one of those tiny ones you need for glasses), a little magitorch (used to have a fabulous one of those which never broke)and more chocolate of course. Take your pick. I know which ones I’d go for LOL. I keep wanting to say a water pistol and stink bombs too but there you go 🙂

  14. I’m with Sarah – a water pistol and stink bombs would be great 😀 and maybe some bubbles? (Either for the bath or for blowing). Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate (different kinds of course). Don’t want mugs (sorry Henri!), I like mine to match, at least in colour, very OCD I know … Gift vouchers would be nice, a scarf maybe or some earrings? Great post, Evonne!

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