Chris: Wednesday’s word is Wedding!

We're going for something less formal!

We're going for something less formal!

With my daughter’s wedding taking place in, ooh, a little under two months’ time, this Wednesday’s ‘w’ could only mean one thing to me as it’s an occasion I’m delighted about and greatly looking forwards to. Except for the four o’clock in the morning worries when I have a fret about everyone turning up on time and doing what they’re supposed to do – and I don’t mean the bride and groom. So long as everyone remembers this is Their Special Day, I’ll be happy – and no one will get to meet MoBzilla so they’ll be happy too.

Having studied some social anthropology, I’m very interested in the rituals and traditions of rites of passage (I’m also fascinated by borders and geographical locations on the ‘edge of places’ hence my penchant for setting my books by the coast, but that’s another story!). One of the rituals I’ll be carrying out for my daughter before she sets off to her wedding is helping her dress. In preparation, I’ve been studying YouTube clips to see how to lace up a wedding dress and how to arrange a veil (if only YouTube had been around when my daughter was born – I might have felt less at sea as a new mum!).

I also asked one of the young women at my hairdressers who’d recently got married, how long it had taken her to get ready. ‘Oh not long,’ she said, ‘my sister helped. Although it wasn’t until I saw the photos that I saw she’d laced the dress up wrong and got fake tan on the back of it.’ Eeek! And the veil? ‘That blew off as soon as I got out the car,’ she said. ‘But I had a lovely day!’

And that’s the point, isn’t it? Wedding days come and go and if something isn’t perfect, it doesn’t matter so long as the bride and groom are happy. So do feel free to share your triumphs and disasters…then this MoBzilla can know what to look out for!

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  1. …’as long as the bride and groom are happy’. That says it all, really, doesn’t it? My top tip would be comfortable shoes, having attended a wedding this past weekend and listened to the moaning from the unsuitably shod women around me. Oh, and tissues. Hayfever, terrible thing…

  2. A timely tip, Jane, as shoes are on my mind… or my feet, really, as I need to find a pair. Not sure the boots I normally clump around in are suitable.

  3. I with the happy couple all the best!My daughter got married three years ago on the Isle of Bute…in a castle. I had the most inappropriate shoes in the world for walking up a spiral staircase. (Think Dick Emery if you are old enough to remember him) Jane’s suggestion of tissues…take a truck load. As soon as the pipers started, so did I! I hope you have as much fun as we did, a truly fantastic day. Don’t worry too much, everything will be fine xxx

  4. I suppose traditionally there will continue to be only one Big Day, but when you see, as we did the other day, a wedding taking place in a marquee in a muddy field and the rain bucketing down in stair rods, you feel that people should be careful how much money or emotion they invest in a single day. So have several days – either contiguous, or here and and there, with the bride and groom travelling, like an Olympic torch, from place to place to visit all those relatives and friends who couldn’t otherwise be there and so create a mad, moving, gliding celebration – half ceremony, half a premature honeymoon – a week long festivity that embraces a variety of solemnities. Be married according to Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Buddhist and Pagan rites (just to be on the safe side) and in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France and perhaps somewhere exotic as well. That way you can be guaranteed joys and absolute disasters in equal measure and getting the dress on at all will be a triumph.

    But if that cannot be done, very best wishes and the happy luck to all.

  5. It will be a wonderful day Chris and one you will all cherish. And those little hiccups that may or may not happen (and which you can’t possibly plan for – so STOP worrying LOL ) – won’t ever tarnish the day for the bride and groom. Indeed they provide character and memories/talking points for the future. At my own I found things got rather more ‘eventful’ after alchohol entered the equation. Our own fault I suppose for doing a booze cruise across the channel and offering a free bar with the bounty. The bridesmaid falling into the pond (I kid you not) is one of those memories/talking points I mentioned earlier LOL. I daren’t mention the others! 🙂 It will be magical whatever. And the bride and groom will be VERY VERY VERY happy 🙂 Sxx

  6. Well, Pip and I ran off to Gibraltar to get married so we had no family or friends just the photographer and rep. It was a strange but memorable day and we had several arguments, I remember, though mostly down ot low blood sugar on my part! Am sure you will have a great day Chris x

  7. Flat shoes, Chris, they saved my day when my brother got married! It was a blisteringly hot day last summer (yes, we had one!) which was lovely in some respects–spilling out into the courtyard of the afternoon venue was an unexpected bonus–but when you’re wearing tights and a posh frock and high heels it’s a bit uncomfortable! Also, on that note, I was very grateful to my little powder compact, to stop me looking shiny in the photos. Otherwise it was a pretty relaxed affair–it seems the fancier it is the more things can go wrong! Thankfully nothing did. Phew!

    Congratulations to you, and to your daughter and her husband-to-be: have a wonderful day!

  8. sorry – of course that should read ‘alcohol’ LOL

  9. Congratulations to daughter and husband to be! Kate’s advice about flat shoes is spot on – there are some lovely flats around which look really attractive, so don’t think it HAS to be heels!

  10. Mandy, your daughter’s wedding sounds very romantic – what a setting! I must remember to take the tissue face pack… I’ve started to get a bit weepy just thinking about it all.

    Fennie, I think the happy couple have got a fair old dollop of common sense, I’m pleased to say, and haven’t gone overboard (or into a pond, unlike Sarah’s bridesmaid!). I wish I could have suggested the Olympic torch idea though – that would have been priceless!

    Sarah, the next time I see you face-to-face, I’m going to find out more about the moments you couldn’t write about here! It certainly sounds as if you pushed the boat out!!

    Sue, Tom and I tried nipping down our local register office first thing on an Monday morning, but the word got out! And, how, with everything I’ve read about you and Pip, am I not surprised about your original approach to getting hitched!

    Kate, very sound advice coming from a woman whose shoes are always such a statement. I was a tad reluctant to go down the flats route but you, Jane and Margaret have convinced me that I should have a pair in reserve. Sheesh – my feet were killing me by the end of the RNA Summer Party, and that was only one evening!

    Margaret, I had a rush of blood to the head a few months ago and bought a pair of delicious, enormously high heels in a sale. Now, I’ve realised that the only way I could wear them would be to sit down all day – not such a bargain after all!

    And thanks all for your kind wishes and congratulations. (He hasn’t had a mention yet, but future son-in-law is a lovely man, so all good.)

  11. What do you think we said when they won a trip to Vegas last year, Evonne!

  12. I’m sure it will all be fine, Chris, and as everyone else has said, if anything does go wrong, you’ll laugh about it afterwards! Can I just recommend that the happy couple do NOT travel by horse-drawn carriage after the ceremony though? It was one of the things I insisted on for my wedding (being a huge fan of all things historical) and we got the oldest nag in town who didn’t get us to the venue until most of the champagne was gone … 😀

  13. Lovely, summery, romantic post……don’t we all love a wedding? My daughter married in a flowery maroon and pink Monsoon dress and we made all the food for the buffet reception we held in my rather small house and garden. Fizz chilling in plastic buckets behind the shed – and it was wonderful. It’s the love that carries it all along so all will be well, Chris. got your hat???

  14. I hope your daughter and son-in-law-to-be have a wonderful day! You, a MoBzilla…? I can’t imagine that – I’m sure you’ll be the best m-i-l ever. PS: You might want to have some tissues handy.

  15. I love your story, Christina! Fancy almost missing the champagne at your own wedding!

    I was tempted to wear my photo shoot hat, Linda, but I have discovered (and I’m not saying how) that if someone kisses you it knocks a wide-brimmed hat off!

  16. Aw! Henri, thank you – yes I’m going to make sure I have plenty of tissues on hand!!

  17. Hah, Chris–my mum and I were constantly asked about hats for my brother’s wedding, but since it was quite a casual affair and we thought it might get quite warm (I had quite a bit of last-minute prep to do which mad me rushing around a lot too) we both declined. I do love hats, though. I substituted with flowers in my hair instead. Sadly not real ones, which I don’t think would have lasted, but some fabric flowers tucked into my hair. A lot easier to deal with than a hat!

    I’ve often thought wedding guests should have namebadges: how are you supposed to remember who everyone is, especially after the champagne?

  18. Chris, congratulations on the upcoming wedding! Sounds like you’re taking your job as MoB very seriously, which will be much appreciated on the Big Day when you can help diffuse problems! I ADORE weddings, have wanted to be a wedding planner for years.

    Luckily there were no horror stories at my wedding, but it’s true that SOMETHING doesn’t go according to plan at all weddings. Our wedding was very traditional, all save the song I chose for our processional and recessional. It was a contemporary song, Everything by Lifehouse, about 6 minutes long ( The first 3/4 is very slow, which is what my party and I came down the aisle to. Then as soon as we had our first kiss, the DJ was supposed to hit play again, which was set to pick up right at the crescendo (spot 3:55 in that youtube link, if anyone’s interested). Well … he didn’t. We kissed, and no music, so kissed again, no music, I turned to the crowd and did a little hurray-we’re-married arms-in-the-air thing which goes on for too long because still no music. I finally look down the aisle to see the DJ looking at me, waiting for the cue to play. I nod, he presses play, and Hoorah, big climactic music moment while we’re standing there. :/ later, I was really disappointed that it hadn’t worked out because I was quite excited for what i thought was going to be a very original moment. At the time though, it was only a small glitch on my radar because I was so happy. 🙂

    There _was_ a time a few weeks prior to the wedding in which I had a Bridezilla meltdown at the jeweller’s when I went to collect the wedding band they were making to fit the engagement ring. Probably the time in my life in which I’ve made an honest-to-goodness scene. I still feel a little bad about that … But jewellers must get a lot of crying brides, right?

    I was Matron of Honor for my best friend and it was a do-it-yourself type wedding. They had a sound system set-up, but the uncle/DJ didn’t show up to the wedding because his kid was suddenly in a sports tournament *rolls eyes*. Guess who became the MC? 🙂 Come to think of it, I should add that to my CV …

    Fennie – i love your idea of an Olympic Torch weddng, 🙂

    Sarah – sounds like some great stories for all involved!!

    Kate – name badges would be SOOOO helpful! And as a general note, can I just say how much I love that Brits usually wear hats to weddings (and other various occasions). It’s just not done in the US. The only women that wear hats are old ladies in the south to church on Sunday. Me? I LOVE HATS!

  19. I’m now a hat fan, Kate, but, as for your brother’s wedding, the big fancy hat seemed a bit over the top for my daughter’s wedding too, especially given that the couple are hoping for a relaxed, enjoyable day… also it felt a bit too Look At ME – I’m the MoB! Name badges would be excellent!

    Rachel – oh, music! – I had a MoBzilla moment to that – we were listening to various possibilities for processional music and I suddenly bawled my head off thinking about the day (and also about my dad not being able to see his first granddaughter marrying!). Hehe! Would like to have seen you having your Bridezilla moment!!

  20. Too soon for triumphs and disasters in my case – my son marries on October 20th. Am very excited. I look forward to hearing your experience. Forewarned, etc …

  21. Thanks Liz and Juliet – for taking the time to comment, sorry I’ve only just picked them up!

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