Today is The Day for Christina!

stos_coversmallSo it’s finally here – official publication day for The Silent Touch of Shadows! It’s a day I’ve waited a very long time for and I can’t tell you how pleased I am that it’s arrived at last.

There are some stories that are really worth fighting for, because you believe in them whole-heartedly even when no one else does. You’re sure the basic premise is sound and you have the feeling that if you revise it just one more time, it will be snapped up. And even when that doesn’t happen, you still go on believing that one day it will. For me, The Silent Touch of Shadows was one of those.

This novel started as one of those ideas that simply wouldn’t leave me alone. The story came into my mind almost fully formed (which is very rare as you all know!) and I just wrote it down. Since it’s based on a real ghost, I suppose you could argue that I had supernatural help, but I don’t know about that … 🙂

I thought the manuscript was perfect as it was after the first draft (I was very new to writing then!), but it’s gone through a lot of rewrites since (I’ve lost count actually) and hopefully has improved with each one. Along the way, I never lost my faith in it and although I put it to one side many times while writing something else, I always came back to it. And now it’s out there at last, I guess it just goes to show – perseverance does pay off!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me in the run-up to publication, it’s much appreciated!

16 thoughts on “Today is The Day for Christina!

  1. Congratulations, Pia – I agree with Evonne, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it so I’m glad you didn’t give up on it!

  2. I can but echo the above comments. I had no idea it had been waiting for so long…a bit like the ghosts! Fantastic book, Pia! x

  3. Congratulations Pia! So pleased you stuck with this one,refusing to give up the ghost 🙂 It so deserves to be out there. Wonderful book! Sx

  4. You are a perfect illustration of the phrase “never throw anything away”. CongraTutulations on your publication day!

  5. Sometimes, a character walks into my head and won’t leave me alone until I start to write this person’s story. Mad or what – but when this happens, it always seems to pay off in the end. Congratulations on publication, Christina. It’s a lovely book.

  6. Well, I thought I’d posted but it doesn’t seem to be here….wonder where it went? Gremlin in the works or something.

    What I said was…’a class act in hanging-on-in’there over this one, Christina. Huge congratulations and happy, happy, happy publication day.

  7. Happy publication day – just goes to show, if you really believe in your story, you can make it happen! It’s next to be read in my pile and I can’t wait, am saving it for the holidays so I can really sink myself into it (such a lovely feeling, anticipation of a brilliant book). x

  8. Thank you Linda and Jane! Have been celebrating with the RNA London chapter this afternoon 🙂

  9. Congratulations on your publication day, Christina! I hope you had a really super day. It sounds the perfect way to celebrate the day – with some of your RNA friends.

    I loved The Silent Touch of Shadows. I’m so glad that it got to see the light of day.

    Liz X

  10. Sorry I’m late in congratulations on publication date, I can’t blame the time difference this time but I was sick in bed all weekend. Great read, really enjoyed it. Non alcoholic cheers from Tina xx

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