It’s Wednesday and I’m weaving – not cloth you understand, but words.

You see, the thing is I thought I knew where the sequel to To TURN FULL CIRCLE was going. I’d planned it all out – had the pattern if you like. I’d written a plot plan and was working to it and it was zipping along nicely. And then TTFC was published and reviewers and readers began to comment – ‘We love Matthew’ seemed to be the most dominant train of thought. Matthew – if you haven’t  read TTFC –  isn’t the main hero, although I think he would have liked to have been. I hadn’t killed him off and I’d intended to bring him back into the story but not just yet. Hey, this is my story ladies and gents!

But it’s a bad businessman or woman who doesn’t listen to their customers. And readers and reviewers are my customers, are they not? So, to dig my heels in and carry on as I had intended, or to listen to them? I’d already written eighteen chapters (of a proposed 22 or so). To weave Matthew’s thread through it would be like an edit before an editor had even seen it. But I knew it had to be done. I picked up my metaphorical needle and began to weave Matthew in. Already he’s taking the story in a slightly different direction, but that’s okay – it makes the colour of the thing richer, deeper.

So, if you’ll excuse me, as it’s Wednesday and I’m weaving, I’ll get back to my loom …but before I go I’ll leave you with a beautiful  image of the weaver’s art.


16 thoughts on “LINDA WARPS AND WEFTS

  1. What a lovely post Linda and so pleased that ‘weaving’ Matthew in is adding to the no doubt beautiful cloth. I do hope the needle continues to behave and doesn’t stab you too many times 🙂 Sx

  2. An interesting post, Linda. I’m very much looking forward to seeing the cloth when you’ve finished weaving it.

    Liz X

  3. I haven’t read TTFC yet, but it’s on my TBR pile. Now, after reading your post, I’m particularly looking forward to reading about Matthew! I love your weaving analogy – very apt. Hx

  4. Lovely when characters have so much life that readers want more of them. I’m sure you’ll keep up with wherever he wants to take the story. Have fun.

  5. I call this the Dorian effect – remember Dorian in Birds of a Feather? She wasn’t meant to be a major player, but she made her presence felt in that show! I really loved Matthew, Linda – and am looking forward to seeing what he does next.

  6. That’s lovely, Linda! I really liked Matthew too so look forward to reading more about him!

  7. Matthew’s next on my TBR list, so I’m looking forwards to meeting him, especially if there’s a second chance to get to know him in the sequel. Happy weaving!

  8. How clever you are Linda, to be able to unpick and reweave! I’m rubbish at that, I’d throw the whole cloth away and start again with a completely new pattern… You have far more patience and resolve with a story than I could ever manage. Looking forward to meeting your Matthew – and the rest of the cast list!

  9. Thank you one and all….this was posted very early today as I was off out to Exeter for one of our writerly monthly lunches. Nearly hyperventilated in Waterstones when I found TTFC slotted neatly in between Nancy Mitford and David Mitchell…..blimey. Calm down, Linda, calm down and get back to your weaving now…..:)

  10. And isn’t it lovely to see your book on the shelves in real bookshops? Congratulations – may there be many more hyperventilations in store for you!

  11. Thanks, Juliet ….the weaving is amazing, isn’t it? So different to checks and stripes I just had to put it up there.
    And thanks to you, too, Sharon…’ve just given me the title of a new work….:)
    Jane…I’m not clever, just desperate not to upset my, er um, fans….:)

  12. I come from “up North” and we used to have a saying … “Let’s get weaving …” or “I must get weaving,” which meant to get on with work. From Devonian Linda, this is a nice new take on this old saying!

  13. I was fascinated by Matthew in the sense that he showed Emma how honest and uncomplicated a man could be. Having a responsible job gave his character real depth …I can’t wait to meet him again!

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