Watch This Space on Wednesdays!

This Wednesday, we’re waving goodbye to the Wednesday Hottie and welcoming a new feature. We’ve agreed that our work in drawing to your attention some of the real life inspiration behind our Choc Lit heroes is done. Along the way, we’ve reminded you of heroes with mass appeal and those who might, it could be said, have a niche market charm.

Goodbye to all this...

Goodbye to all this...

And this!

And this!

We’ve had some fun, but now we want to bring you a fresh feature in addition to our regular blogs from the Choc Lit authors.

So what will we be writing about on Wednesdays? Well, Wednesdays will stand for:

Who we’ve been meeting – writerly friends, both published and unpublished.

What’s inspiring us – books, films, whatever’s wowed us and will, we hope, inspire you.

Where we’ve been – did we mention the Romantic Novelists’ Association Summer Party and our award winners, Jane and Evonne?

When we’ll be bringing out new books, attending book signings, news of events you may like to look out for.

So watch out next Wednesday for Wednesday W… for news and views from the Choc Lit writers and friends.

Photo by kind permission of Marte L Rekaa

Photo by kind permission of Marte L Rekaa

25 thoughts on “Watch This Space on Wednesdays!

  1. Very clearly put, Chris……which is just as well because I was getting a bit muddled (nothing new there, then?) about what I was supposed to do.
    Feel sad about David Mitchell going – fine mind, sharp wit – but who’s the other chap???

  2. Thank you Linda! The other chap seems to have a few fans, but I do hope a photo of David Mitchell hasn’t opened old wounds for Jane!

  3. Great post Chris – now I know what I’m doing! Farewell to Wednesday hotties – they were getting oh so painful. X

  4. Oh, bless you! Thanks Liz, Sarah and Henri… unpicking our discussion threads took a bit of doing!

  5. This is so clear Chris – far better than any of our e-mail exchanges trying to sort it out. 🙂
    That’s what you get when you have a lot of writers, all talking at once. But put one on her own in a room, with her computer or pen and paper …

    I’m putting in an early bid for a ‘When’ I’m at Crimefest in Bristol over this weekend. Mixing crime and passion!

  6. Looking forward to finding out about your crimes and your passions, Evonne!

  7. Evonne, Margaret and Sue – thanks, I’m relieved we’re in agreement! I’m looking forwards to reading about Evonne’s crimes and passions too!

    Thank you Laura!

  8. Thanks Christina – will be refreshing change from the hotties! (Ooh, that sounds like an unpleasant condition, doesn’t it!)

  9. It all sounds very intriguing, ladies! My ‘hottie comment’ last week may have been the last one about Clint Eastwood. Though perhaps he’s the guy trying to get through to Sue?

  10. What a distinction, Sandra! You had the last hottie word… unless we can persuade Clint, or Richard or one of the guys to be our Wednesday guest. Come on, Clint, make our day!

  11. Ooh, love the sound of this new feature. A mid-week mixture to savour 🙂 x

  12. Thanks, Jan! We’re looking forwards to doing something different too.

  13. Why, David…WHY?

    Am looking forward to being able to forget – thanks Chris for the succinct introduction to the new Wednesday feature!

  14. So sorry to cause you more pain, Jane… but now you have a nice big bowl to look at when you feel a bit glum! And thank you… now all we have to do is find the content 🙂

  15. Well, I was running out of things to say about Richard Armitage.

    …haha, like I ever would!

    Looking forward to this new feature, and thanks for introducing it so well Chris! And oh, those pink balloons. We looked like refugees from a hen party, the cab driver thought we were quite mad! I, er, made a gift of mine to the hotel…

  16. Excellent post, Chris. Can I book a slot for 19th Sept from the Jane Austen festival in Bath? Warning: there could be photos of red coats and breeches if I ever find my camera!

  17. Thanks Juliet. Pia’s the Blog Monitor (thank you, Pia!) but I’m sure she’ll note the date… especially if photos of breeches are involved. Oops, had my ‘hottie’ head on then.

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