Margaret celebrates publication day

51ma7zqdnl_ss500_Publication day – it’s always lovely to see your baby taking its first faltering steps into the real world, isn’t it? Of course, we all hope those faltering steps will soon shape up into great, long strides as readers decide yes – this one looks interesting, I’ll buy it!

When I first saw this lovely cover, I was delighted. I’d imagined my heroine Cassie looking exactly like this – pretty but not goddess-gorgeous, with a cheeky grin and a good-natured expression on her nineteen-year-old face. Cassie is no fool, but she’s inexperienced in the ways of the world and of men, so she has a lot to learn in the course of this story.

I enjoyed taking her on her voyage of discovery, and I’m hoping readers will enjoy it, too.

13 thoughts on “Margaret celebrates publication day

  1. Yes, Cassie on the cover certainly entices me to read her story. Looking forwards to it, Margaret. Happy Publication Day!

  2. I’m sure everyone will love this book as they’ve loved your others…….beautiful, beautiful cover. Happy Publication day… We will raise a glass to Cassie at The Cav – oh yes we will!!1

  3. Yes, I like the look on Cassie’s face – like she’s about to divulge all her secrets, hopes and dreams. Looking forward to starting it this evening. Happy Publication Day, Margaret!

  4. Thank you, everyone! Yes, birth of new baby is always very exciting! MXXX

  5. Happy publication day, Margaret! Really like this cover and it goes beautifully with the others – congratulations! xx

  6. Congratulations Margaret – and the cover is perfect! Has new baby been weighed? 🙂 X

  7. New baby is perfect weight – looks nice and chunky so good value for money, but will slip into handbag easily!

  8. Congratulations on your publication day, Margaret. Here’s to great sales! Hx

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