Kate is running a bit late…

Gosh, how unusual for me! Actually, in my family I’m one of the punctual ones. When certain names come up on my phone’s display, I know that the opening lines will be, “We’re running a little bit late…” I’m making mental lists of things to be done before various family members visit at the weekend, and after all the making beds and cleaning bathrooms there’s a rather guilty, “Your office still needs tidying, Kate. You can’t see the floor any more. You’ve got piles of paper that have been there for four years. That bag of promo stuff from the RWA conference has been there since you flew home…in 2005. There could be a new civilisation under it. The last time you tidied it was when Spike let a mouse loose in there and was too lazy to catch it.” Which reminds me, there might still be a mouse in the dining room that I really ought to rescue…

So it got me thinking about that Einstein quote: “If a cluttered desk signs a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” My desk isn’t terribly cluttered at the moment–just the iMac, keyboard, mouse, headphones, lip balm, tape measure, calculator, camera, video camera, piggy bank, CDs, emery board, empty tissue box, two fluffy cats, a paint chart… you know, all the essentials. And the only reason it’s that tidy is because I had a photographer round the other day and they always want to take pictures of the stuff you haven’t tidied.

So anyway, what I was going to say was…er…oh yes! I might not have tidied my room (I mean, my office, I’m not seven, and let’s not get started on the state of my bedroom floor) since 2005, but I have written quite a lot of books since then. Surely there must be some correlation? I agree with Einstein. Cluttered minds come up with the best stuff!

Now, if someone would send a sherpa, I need to navigate past this pile of paperwork…

15 thoughts on “Kate is running a bit late…

  1. Why was there no picture, Kate? I wanted to see a picture of your untidy office, so I could feel just a tiny weeny bit better about my own mess, which is… monstrous, for want of a better word (yes, yes, I know, I’m a writer, but…)

  2. Because there’s not really enough room to stand anywhere and take one, that’s why…

  3. My late mother-in-law gave me the best advice ever on housework – ‘you only need to make sure the bathroom is clean and spider free, dear, because that’s the only room in which you can’t divert someone’s attention from your dust and spider webs’…..she said a lot of other stuff but that’s the bit I like to remember….:)

  4. Linda, that’s brilliant! Besides, with four cats and a dog around the place, diversions are easy…

    I tend to greet visitors with, “Sorry is a mess, but I live here.”

  5. You’ve inspired me Kate! I soooo have to get a store of quotes up together – love the Einstein one – and your fridge one Jane :) They could then be stuck around the house on post-it notes wherever and whenever the need arises:) Actually, considering the use they’d get – those laminated signs might be a good investment with a bit of velcro on the back:) Do hope you’ve found the mouse before Spike. I discovered a dessicated frog the other day – and am not going to confess where :( Hope you’re back to the creative stuff. X

  6. Nice one, Kate! I’ve always felt that my cluttered desk was saying something positive about me – others just couldn’t see it!!

  7. I hope the mouse that is currently on the desk is the computer kind, and not one of Spike’s leftovers. Actually, I have no problem with housework – the bit that always upsets me comes six months later – when you have to do it all over again!

  8. The mouse on the desk has no tail, and if it’s fauna then it does a remarkably good job of controlling my computer. There’s evolution for you.

    I have the “Dull women have immaculate houses” magnet on my fridge. My mum bought it. She once found a dead frog in her carpet slipper. (these three things are closely related)

  9. Once upon a time, a missing goldfish turned up under my bed. How, God, how?

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