Evonne – getting in the way of the Wednesday dish.

never_coming_home__new1I promise I won’t hang around too long. Don’t want to keep you from a man who can cook and look so good doing it. Only today is publication day for Never Coming Home. That’s right, you can get it in the shops.


Just saying.

9 thoughts on “Evonne – getting in the way of the Wednesday dish.

  1. Congratulations Evonne! Happy Publication Day to Never Coming Home. I’m sure Mr Locatelli won’t mind making room for you… or did you just want to be on top of him? (Sorry, couldn’t resist it!)

  2. Happy publication day, Evonne! So exciting, like having a new baby, but giving birth to a novel isn’t as painful. Or is it? I expect opinion is divided on that…

  3. Happy Publication Day, Evonne…….I shall order it at my lovely, local, independent, author booksigning loving, bookshop! Really looking forward to reading it.

  4. Happy publication day, Evonne! Hope you’re celebrating in style – enjoy!

  5. Many congrats, Evonne.
    ‘Never Coming Home’ could have described my life in the last few weeks – but my Big Project launched on 6th March, so life is slowly returning to normal.
    Here’s to great sales of your debut novel!

  6. So glad that you had a great “launch”. Congratulations and best wishes for many more sales.
    Get on the Queen Mary and come on over to the USA for a book signing here. I will make sure that the champagne is well chilled!

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