Turning the Tide


Look what the postman just delivered!  For someone who’s supposed to be able to tell you about these things in words, I’m really struggling to describe the feeling of seeing everything I’ve worked and hoped for come together.  Choc Lit produce the most beautiful covers; this photo doesn’t really do it justice – you can’t see how gorgeous the title looks in its matt silver livery.  I’m utterly thrilled and I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to hold a copy of Turning the Tide in my hands at last.


4 thoughts on “Turning the Tide

  1. Chris,
    Huge congratulations and big hugs! The books look fabulous and I know exactly what you mean about holding the book and the joy it brings. Even better – you can make it happen again!


  2. That really does look fabulous, Chris! Congratulations from me too! I hope my copy is delivered soon, can’t wait.


  3. It’s lovely to hold a new book in your hand and think, I made that! Well, with a little help from other people doing their midwife bit!

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