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I recently discovered that if you Google for “Richard Armitage Shirtless”, my blog comes up as the fourth result. In fact, the first link that’s not a YouTube video. So it’s no surprise then who my Wednesday Hottie is…

I came a bit late to Armitage fandom, having somehow missed North & South (don’t worry, I’ve seen it since!) but it was the BBC’s Robin Hood that opened my eyes to his many delicious aspects. Those beautiful eyes. His lovely throat. You should see him with his shirt off. No, really.

See what I mean about him being shirtless?

See what I mean about him being shirtless?

So when I was writing Harker in The UnTied Kingdom, it was Richard Armitage who got the part. With a little of Guy of Gisborne’s ruggedness (okay, a lot of ruggedness), John Thornton’s repressed anger, Lucas North’s cool deadliness, and even some of Harry Kennedy’s charm, my rugged Northern soldier came into being.

Did I mention he played a soldier n Strike Back?

Did I mention he played a soldier in Strike Back?

When we sell the film rights, Mr Armitage, you’ll be getting a call from me…

5 thoughts on “Kate Johnson’s Wednesday Hottie

  1. And he works so well as Harker, Kate. I’ve been reading Untied Kingdom all morning and I’m at the bit where he’s having computer keyboard bits yanked out of his chest. If it’s possible to wince out loud, then I did! Loving the book – don’t want it to end …

    Rach. XX

  2. I like him as Guy of Gisbourne, but not in any other guise … 🙂 Sorry, I know that’s probably sacrilege to you RA fans!

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