Wednesday Hottie – from Sue Moorcroft

73fOK, nobody said I had to be original, right? Here’s Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn in The Fellowship of the Ring.

He really did it for me in Fellowship and The Two Towers but I couldn’t appreciate him in The Return of the King, when the stubble became a beard. Ick. I really don’t like beards! (Stubble is a whole different thing – trust me. Especially when viewed rather than felt.)

Viggo is a chameleon and I often have trouble associating him with the parts he plays in films such as Red October or History of Violence. I guess he’ll forever be Aragorn, to me. A reliable source once told me that young women like Legolas and game old chicks like Aragorn. Make of that what you will …

10 thoughts on “Wednesday Hottie – from Sue Moorcroft

  1. Ah, yes, Aragorn … [happy sigh :)] Well chosen, Sue! I’m afraid Viggo will always be Aragorn for me too, unless he ever does another role which involves longer hair and stubble. Definitely prefer stubble to beards as well!

  2. OMG! You are a woman after my own heart. Viggo is the hottie of the century imho. And not just Aragorn for me.

  3. Like your thinking, Sue. Definite yum to Viggo – I can even live with the beard, although the 22 endings in Return of the King got a little annoying.

    BTW have you checked Viggo out in nekkid combat in Eastern Promises. Very interesting!

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